SONY TC-D5 Pro II, the most extraordinary portable deck

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I recently got one of this decks and I’m pretty impressed about it’s quality. It surpasses any other gadget I ever seen (probably in my entire life) in terms of build quality. Such attention paid to every detail is far gone these days.

The design of the fron panel is simply beautiful, one of the coolest I’ve seen so far:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 04

I think its VU meters looks so cool, indeed:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 09

The attention paid to every detail is simply impressive:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 05

As this ‘walkman’ was targeted to do high quality recordings on the field, it is equipped with XLR (balanced) mic connectors and very high quality amplifiers for them:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 06

The sound is really awesome, surpassing by far any other walkman in my collection (except the best ones, like the Boodo Khan or the PX101), matching the best ones, like the D6C. It’s indeed in pair with a good HiFi deck.

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 11

I was lucky to receive it completely new, even with its original case, also new:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 28

That allows you to change the tape without removing it:

SONY Walkman TC-D5 Pro II 27

It’s a big player, much bigger than a D6C, the reference in this cathegory. The D5 was designed to be like a deck in terms of quality but portable. IT was the reference machine for pressmans and for doing field and live recordings.

It’s so curious that the D6C looks even cheap when it’s side by side with this magnificient D5 Pro II.

SONY Walkman Recorder Series 01

Hope you enjoy!



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