The Series: The most vibrant Red walkmans (II)

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After my first post about those beautiful red players, I’d like to add some more that I’ve been collecting in the meaning time.

First one is this Toshiba RT-V600, which was one of the very few ‘sports’ model (meaning: splash and shock resistant) available from other brands (not SONY):

TOSHIBA Walkman RT-V600 Boxed Red 04

They also have another cool red models, like the KT-AS1:

Toshiba Walkman KT-AS1 Red 02

From Hitachi here it is one of their flagship models back in the 80′s: the CP-35, which featured also an rechargeable pair of AA batts; something that today is quite common but in those days was one very interesting and ‘cool’ feature:

HITACHI CP-35 Boxed Red vender 04

Coming from Sharp, here is one of the -I guess- most sofisticated walkmans ever made: the JC-TV10, that not only had a LCD TV, but also radio! It’s an extremely rare walkman, even more in this condition (brand new, boxed):

SHARP Walkman JC-TV10 14

Sanyo had the JJ-P5, which was the world’s smallest walkman:

SANYO Walkman JJ-P5 Red 02

SONY offered a lot of red versions, but many were only available in Japan and other asian countries. One of the best-looking was the WM-701C (that I actually don’t have, but this almost identical WM-702):

SONY Walkman WM-702 Red 01

Another interesting one is the WM-EX555, one model that I personally used back in the mid-90′s, but in silver color:

SONY Walkman WM-EX555 Red 01

Finally, if I had to give a trophy to the most boring red (metallic, of course) I’ve ever seen in a Walkman, it definitely will go to… the WM-EX1:

SONY WM-EX1 Red 02

AIWA made, IMHO, the most eye-catching red walkmans. Specially those of the ’85-86 line, with those diagonal design that I find outstanding. One good example is the G08 that I’ve already shown, but the other could be the J8, which was the most advanced AIWA walkman in 1985:

AIWA Walkman HS-J08 Red 01

Another excellent player was the J700 (J10/J101 in asian markets):

AIWA Walkman HS-J10 Red 01

The HS-PX70, which was a not-so-widely-known model that featured the super-advanced ‘Voice navigation’ feature as well as the famous HS-JX707, was also available in red (but very rare to find):

AIWA Walkman HS-PX70 Red 04

And, finally, one of the ultra-rare colors to find in a walkman: orange. In fact, I wasn’t sure of including this Panasonic SX60 here, but I finally decided to:

Panasonic Walkman SX60 Orange 01

And that’s all!

Hope you enjoy!

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