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I’ve recently added to my collection a very interesting set of quite old SONY tapes. According to the vintage cassette website, they are from 1978-1981 years. I still remember when I first got attracted by music and cassettes, back in those years when I was about 8 years old, my father had those red ones blank tapes and he used them to record from vinyl or radio.

The first one is the AHF, in light blue color:

SONY Tape AHF 02

SONY Tape AHF 01

The second one is the BHF, in green color:

SONY Tape BHF 90

I got two of these, both in 46 and 90 minutes:

SONY Tape BHF Series

And the third one is my favorite, the red one:

SONY Tape CHF 90

which I got also in 46 and 90 minutes:

SONY Tape CHF Series

I even remember to have two or three of those red ones that I recorded myself with a very old Orion mono desktop deck from the radio. I remember I was fascinated with the design of that red cassette, partially transparent. In those years, cassettes were all opaque and many had a boring design, but this one was special. Both three are type I tapes, so I don’t know what’s the real difference between them. Using my old rule of the color of the magnetic tape, on which the darker the better, these three looks as this:

SONY Tape AHF Series 03

Where it seems that the BHF is the lighter one, but I’m not sure if the AHF or the CHF are better…

Aditionally I got also a rare, 120 minutes, tape. This one had the magnetic tape broken, which is a common failure of this kind of cassettes, caused by the super-thin film and the strong tension that occurs while rewinding and stopping at the end.

SONY Tape C-120 02

I hope you enjoyed. Leave your comments below…

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