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Just for the time when cassettes will become extremely rare and/or expensive, I’ve started searching for brand new ones some years ago. They are increasingly becoming expensive and rare, specially those good ones. It’s not rare to see many at 3-6 euros per unit today.

I have quite a big reserve at this moment, and I thought it would be a nice image to put all them together… and so I did. And here’s the result:

If you look closer you will see there’s quite a good number of SONY UX-Pro, TDK SA, SA-X and even SA-XS. There are also Maxell XL-II and other rare tapes, like the TEAC reel, AR Limited edition or even SONY Metal Master. I got them mainly for it’s quality for also for it’s rarity or collectable value.
Are you making your own reserve too?

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  1. […] I have never seen or had a tape like this, but now that I have it (and having talked about it previously), I guess it probably exists many ones similar to this one in various models and from various brands. As you can see this tape is for dealers, aimed to show how good does the famous SA-X sound. I know well this tape because I used it so much, and I have quite a lot of this ones in its different generations in my cassette collection. […]

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