Fitting a playlist on every side of a cassette (video)

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Every time when I recorded my mixtapes I wanted to be sure that I don’t waste not a few seconds of tape. If you are about to record an entire album on a cassette, it looks that just by having a cassette that matches the total duration of the album is enough… but it isn’t. Knowing the total duration of the album is easy in a CD player; it just tell you the duration on the screen.

The problem is that the songs doesn’t fit perfectly on each side of a cassette although the entire album can match. Well, you can add some songs to a program, but… what to do when you’re using different sources? Different CDs, LPs, digital files, streaming music…

If all your music will come from digital files (compressed or not), you can know the total duration of your playlist with softwares like Mediamonkey or Foobar, but that won’t work with streaming services like Spotify. And trying to calculate the total duration of each side in your head is not an easy task… unless you have an HP48 calc or similar powerful calculator.

I record mostly from vinyl (when using analog source) and lossless files as well as spotify (when coming from digital source), so for me it’s not that easy as to put a CD in the drive and read the total duration in the screen. So here’s why I use my rather old but powerful HP48GX (25 years old now in 2016). I hope it helps you with that:


Don’t have an HP48 but want one? You can find them 2nd hand but they are quite pricey now (I guess because it’s a vintage item) but stay tuned for another video where I’ll show you how to install a free HP48 emulator for Windows…

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