The real joy (making a mixtape)

1 year, 4 months ago 1
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Tonight I’m recording my first mixtape for swapping, which will be 100% analog, from vinyl discs. After carefully preparing the song list and deeply cleaning the discs it’s time for recording.

So this is the real joy: listening to good music with the highest quality from vinyl at night… with a cup of good wine (Rene Barbier from Catalonia, where I am).

Now I’m doing the master tape in a high performance’d SONY UX-Pro using my new Technics Super-B965 modified by ANT-Audio.

Don’t you find it lovely? ;-)

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  1. […] was part of a mixtape swapping with Pioneer collector user from Tapeheads. I sent him a copy of my Wild Acoustic Analog Experience mixtape that I recorded into a master UX Pro […]

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