dbx disc, the best sound you can probably hear

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I bought my dbx 224X unit some years ago, to record my own dbx cassettes. A few years later I added my first dbx-equipped deck: the Technics RS-B965.

Thanks to John Lydle, the most passionated walkman collector I’ve ever known I knew about the dbx vinyl discs. I was very curious about them and bought my first one, Anytime, Anywhere by Rita Coolidge (Nautilus Records). I was pretty surprised about the sound quality and the absolute absence of background noise. Then it came some discs more, like this one which I save very carefully, because it sounds truly awesome. Probably the best sounding disc in my entire collection:

Vinyl dbx Empire strikes back 01

Mat from Techmoan has made a beautiful video about these discs and the dbx system, and it’s worth to see:



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