The most beautiful walkman: the WM-701S [UPDATED]

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Some time ago I managed to get a shiny SONY WM-701S, the famous silver version of the famous too WM-701C, that I reviewed here.

This was an anniversary model, and only 2000 units were released for the entire world. I was excited to see how beautiful this silver walkman was, and I was delighted about it when I finally saw mine for the first time.

I couldn’t wait to take it to the photo studio and shoot some still-life photos of it, but the first try was not a sucess, as it’s is one of the most difficult to photograph, by far. Many very small scratches appeared and they were so hard to avoid/clean/retouch.

Sony Walkman WM-701S 10th Anniversary 23

This time I tried for second time, but before I carefully cleaned it with a silver cleaner, and the results are much better. This is the box where it comes in:

Sony Walkman WM-701S 10th Anniversary 06B

This is how it looks in the back:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 11

And this, the front side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 20

SONY Walkman WM-701S 22

For taking these photos I’ve had to go to a friend’s studio and then, after carefully cleaning silver and setting up the lighting, I’ve had to take multiple shots that I knew I’ll have to blend.

For example, for making the first photo of this thread I shoo this (notice the ausence of reflections):

SONY Walkman WM-701S 06


And then I shoot the reflections, using a small white carpet. First, left side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 06

Then the right side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 08


And then the front side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 07

Blending them all carefully within Photoshop, I achieved the result that you can see at the top of this post.

Another example. first, main shot and black background:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 32 1

Then, the reflection on the left side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 33

Right side:

SONY Walkman WM-701S 34

So finally I’ve had to blend them using masks and I also had to delete the background of the others but the main shot. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and this processing can be done in little time (around 15 minutes each).

Hope you like it!

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  1. jonah rodrigues says:

    Hello, I have a WM-701s and it has been taken very good of. With it being in such great condition iam wondering how much it is worth.

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