Brand new tape to be released at Netherlands (video)

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I’ve recently read what looks like a very good news: a brand new cassettes are being manufactured in the Nederlands.

People at De Bandjesfabriek (Netherlands) are working with people at Recording the masters (France) to create not just newly manufactured cassettes (which is something other brands are also doing), but to release a new cassette with new magnetic tape. Yes, there are still some brands selling new magnetic tape nowadays, but the quality is not very good.

Recording the masters is making new magnetic tape based on old good formulas by BASF and AGFA but with improved procedures. They haven’t released technical details but it seems is a ferric tape.

They have been making magnetic tape for years, mainly for credit cards, but now they are making Reel to reel tapes for studio use and now… for cassettes. The new tape is called Fox K7 (K7 is usually used in french to mean ‘cassette’) but the final release name hasn’t been announced yet.

So I’ll keep an eye on this because it looks promising, as well as the new ferric from the NAC.

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