New AC/DC cassette release at record store day

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Cassette revival is becoming stronger each month. Even for hard rock bands. Metallica announced they will release a new luxe set with cassette and AC/DC released a cassette just for the Record Store Day past april 21.

I was one of the buyers of this limited edition release. Only 2500 were released in the world together with a T-shirt. To me this is a good sign of how cassette is coming back, but the quality is not a pleasant as I’d like it to be.

I don’t know who made this release and seems mine was done here in Europe, maybe Netherlands. The american edition has been probably made by the NAC, but I really don’t know.

The recording has been done without Dolby (no good news here) as there’s no logo on it, but when I play it and switch Dolby B on, it sounds like it was actually used because the sound is not muffled.

Anyway, I’ll be doing a deeper article on this soon…

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