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One of the most recognizable issues of the cassette is the background hiss. Almost any person in this world (30 years-old and above, though) whom you ask about cassettes will complain about this particular thing: the hiss.

Magnetic tape has many good things, but it also has drawbacks, and one of them is the hiss. Most cassette enthusiasts don’t like the hiss but at the same time, many of them don’t care at all. So how much hiss does the tape have and how to reduce it?
In this article I will go in deep and explain everything you need to know about the noise of your cassettes and magnetic tapes.

This article has required so many time to write and finish. It’s been almost two years since I started it. I have to learn many things since I started, and also in this time I tried to be in contact with a true, world-class expert in magnetic tape as Terence is. He is well known as Wilhelm in Tapeheads forums, and one of the most respected members there.

C’mon! Hear the noise.

Without him my article would be full of mistakes but thanks to his advices and corrections now it’s free from them, and I’m very proud to be helped from such an expert in that field.

Of course, I have to thank sincerely Vincenzo for his always helpful advices and corrections. And Techmoan for his help finding a good title.

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