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Here are my best acquisitions that recently came home. These are some but not all, just the most remarkable:

First of all, very old tapes:

these Realistic are, as far as I know, the brand of Radio Shack, a well known stores in USA:

Supertape 02

Supertape 04

This is probably the oldest tape in my entire collection. According to Vintagecassettes, this is one is a true 2nd generation from 1966:

Cassette Philips old02

I have no idea which one is this, but looks cool:

Cassette Mark II 02

I think this is the only AMPEX I have:

Cassette Ampex 02

This is the OST by John Williams from the 2nd (or 6th if you wish) part of STAR WARS. I was curious to see what quality does it offer, and it’s quite good indeed:

Cassette Return of the Jedi01

Cassette Return of the Jedi03

The J-card is surprising, it continues, goes outside the case and covers it from the back. something I’ve never seen before.

Cassette Return of the Jedi07

This is the entire contain of the cassette: it also contains a folded papel with lots of information:

Cassette Return of the Jedi04

And this is the unfolded information sheet:

Cassette Return of the Jedi05

I also got the Thriller, also to know about the quality of japanese copies. At first sight doesn’t seem anything special, but it may be an issue related to azimuth, I have to re-check:

Cassette Thriller Japan 02

To my surprise, it came with two J-cards, one over the other! I’ve never seen that before. And it also came with a folded information sheet:

Cassette Thriller Japan 03

Now the sealed ones. Here’s an excellent ’85 SONY HF-ES:

Cassette SONY HF-02

And here’s the next year version:

Cassette SONY HF-ES 01

This one is a ’89 japanese version of the excellent HF-ES:

Cassette SONY HF-ES 01 (1)

You thought there were no more than HF, HF-S and HF-ES? In Japan there was the rare HF-X:

Cassette SONY HF-X 01

And even more rare HF-Pro. Impressive, huh?

Cassette SONY HF-Pro 01

Cassette SONY HF Series

And now the black pearl: the ultra-rare TDK SA-XG, the biggest brother of the SA, sharing the same shell as the mythical MA-XG:

Cassette TDK SA-SG 01

Here, beside the other black pearl: the SONY UX-Master, another true rarity:

Cassette SA-XG & UX-Master 1

And, to finish: a good lot of UX-Pro:

Cassette SONY UX-Pro lote01

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