Signed Beatles musicassette?

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This friday started the International Disco Fair at Barcelona, like every year, and I went to see which vinyls and cassettes I could find. It’s a nice fair, though expensive as you have to pay 6€ to enter, no matter if you buy or not.

Fira disc BCN 01

After some searching I found some, though it wasn’t easy:

Fira disc BCN 02

Finally I bought these ones for less than 3€ each:

Fira disc BCN 10

There are two with ‘dbx system’ which is something I’ve never seen before:

Fira disc BCN 20

Fira disc BCN 21

Fira disc BCN 22

Fira disc BCN 23

To my surprise I quickly realized after a few seconds of playing that they aren’t dbx-encoded! They are just normal tapes. So fake dbx.

Another tape comes in a self made paper bag in one that makes it look like a album mockup by ‘killers’:

Fira disc BCN 13

Fira disc BCN 18

It sounds well but I cannot figure out more about it. If you have any information about this tape or this band, please contact me.

Another curious thing is that one of the Beatles tapes appears to be Dolby C-encoded! I’ve never seen such thing.


After playing it I can say it sounds well with Dolby C and seems to be real.

But the most exciting one, by far, is this one:

Fira disc BCN 24

Not just because it was made on ’61 (not the cassette but the recording):

Fira disc BCN 17

but because when I opened I found this signature in the J-card, which left me almoss breathless… is this a Beatle’s one?

Fira disc BCN 03

A search for signatures in Google show me that it’s not from a Beatle, so whom then? It should be someone involved in this recording. After some careful looking to the J-card inside, I found this outside:

Fira disc BCN 26

Tony Sheridan! Who is that guy? A search in the Wikipedia and I quickly learnt that he was an important person to the band. Then I searched for his signature and… voilà! This is his signature:

Fira disc BCN 19

Now compare both. Match, huh? Yeah, not a straight match but it’s definitely him. So, yes, I got a very early cassette signed from a man who inspired the Beatles!

As you can imagine, I am so happy for that. I’ve never found such thing.

Bonus: the cassette sounds pretty well!

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