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As i recently became more interested in vinyl, I was told that the vinyl can sound better than a CD. So I asked myself: can this be really possible? To me a CD was always what offered better sound so… Can a vinyl sound better? It was clear to me that to find the answer […]

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Moved to the Featured section: The Series (IV): Green Walkmans

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I’ve recently added a new gem to my collection: the AIWA AD-WX909, which is a very special deck. It’s a dual deck that combines a standard, 2-head deck on the left and a more advanced 3-head deck on the right. As far as I know, it’s an unique model as there’s no other deck like […]

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Hello and welcome to another of my reviews! This should be an interesting read for most of you here I think. Not just because it is about analog but also because for the first time I can honestly say portable audio is more than just comparable to what we’re usually accustomed to hear from full-size […]

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Collecting walkmans is great. I love tapes and walkmans and almost anything related to them. But, aside from collecting them I like to collect also rare accesories, like the dbx portable decoder: Also, apart from ‘standard’ walkmans, I like other type of walkmans, like DCC (Digital Compact Cassette, a very unsucessful standard for digital tapes). […]

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I have recently met Marty McFly and asked him to go back to the past and take me something special with his time machine. And today arrived! It’s a Toshiba Bombeat X-01, directly from the 80′s in a time-capsule! It’s a brand new, never used and opened for the first time now. I’m not sure […]

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I’ve acquired recently a legendary Dragon. I’m so excited about it; it’s a dream deck. This is a photo I’ve took after unboxing it: It is in 9,5/10 cosmetic condition and 10/10 working condition. I bought it from a british seller who explained me that he took it to service to Nakamichi’s official service in […]

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I’ve added recently a very special unit to my collection: the Infinity Intimate. This walkman is special because of two reasons: the main one is because it was the world’s first walkman that featured Dolby system. The second one is because it was the only one walkman that this very respected high-end speaker brand made […]

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Today, 1st of october, but 30 yrs ago started to arrive the CD player to the stores, and the decline of the walkman era began. An excellent spanish blog has published a small article about that and they published a photo of my collection, where you can see almost every musical portable player in this 30 years. […]

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I received recently this curious walkman. Its most curious feature is that it features easy digitalization of tapes. Although digitizing tapes is not definitely something I’m interested in, I decided to buy this walkman because I received one of those typical emails with a good deal: normal price -> 43 euros. This deal -> 18 euros. […]

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