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Yes, dear friends, in 9th of march I’ll be CJ’ing (cassette jockeying) at L’Entresol pub at Barcelona.The pub is not big but it is cool. I’ll be playing good music mainly from the 80s, but also from the 70s and the 90s: pop-rock, disco, rock, hard rock and a few other styles at night, from 22h to […]

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As you may have read here, me and 3 friends took the wheel of Stereo2go forums when in late 2016 Paul, the original owner, decided to shut it down (or let it die if you prefer). I felt I could not leave it dying so I encouraged my friends to do that. In a first stage we […]

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I have some news to tell you:   New Walkman Archive Facebook page is online Yes, friends, finally I decided to spread the words on walkmans, cassettes, decks, boomboxes and ll that in this social network. My aim is to spread to more people and to serve as a platform to share as quickly as […]

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