SOLD – Pioneer CT-F1250 professionally restored. SOLD!

DESCRIPTION: This sale is for a used Pioneer CT-F1250, the best deck back in 1979 and one of the best decks Pioneer made in its entire history, according to many experts. Read the full review here.

It has the following features (full specs here):

  • Dual Capstan, close loop.
  • Quartz locked Direct Drive mechanism
  • 2 motors.
  • 3 Head Uni-X’Tal ferrite head.
  • High res 24-segment, high speed fluoroscan meters with two intensities
  • Peak, peak hold and average metering.
  • 3-way calibration assisted system
  • Pitch control
  • 4 position tape selector (including FeCr)
  • Dolby NR (with or without MPX filter).
  • dual input (Mic & Line) and dual Line output



It has been professionally serviced by Sergi at GSP Iberica. The belts have been replaced by new ones. It has been entirely re-calibrated and realigned. The motor has been restored as it didn’t work well and one IC replaced. It works perfectly now. However, if you really want to discover it’s full performance you may replace many old caps to let it unveil its wonders.

For details on the cosmetic condition, see the photos.


INCLUDES What you see in the photos.




Bank transfer, PayPal. You can also pay it here if you come to get it.  


SHIPPING Cost depends on the country (check price in table below). You can also hand-pick for buyers near Barcelona.  


Up to 1Kg
Up to 2Kg

24$ / 18€

35$ / 26€


35$ / 26€

54$ / 41€

More than 2 Kg
Base price
Every Kg

33$ / 25€

4$ / 3€


30$ / 23€

4.2$ / 3,2€


21$ / 16€

6.5$ / 4,9€


13$ / 17€

6.5$ / 4,9€


20$€ / 15€

6.5$ / 4,9€

Zone 1: Europe, including Greenland. Zone 2: All other countries. Zone A - Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland. Zone B - Rest of Europe not included in Zone A. Azores, Madeira, Monaco, Isle of Man and Morocco. Zone C - Africa except Morocco (countries that support this service.) Zone D - Asia and Pacific (countries that support this service.) Zone E - America (countries that support this service.)

NOTE: 4$/3€ will be added to the shipping cost, for packing costs.
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