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Yes, they finally did it. I’ve posted here the news that they were working on releasing a brand new tape nowadays. Not just a cassette shell (with the same tape), but a brand new magnetic tape. In fact, they’ve said nothing about the shell. The new tape is called FerroMaster C456 and it’s the result […]

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Cassette revival is becoming stronger each month. Even for hard rock bands. Metallica announced they will release a new luxe set with cassette and AC/DC released a cassette just for the Record Store Day past april 21. I was one of the buyers of this limited edition release. Only 2500 were released in the world together with a […]

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I’ve recently read what looks like a very good news: a brand new cassettes are being manufactured in the Nederlands. People at De Bandjesfabriek (Netherlands) are working with people at Recording the masters (France) to create not just newly manufactured cassettes (which is something other brands are also doing), but to release a new cassette with new magnetic tape. Yes, there are […]

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Yes, dear friends, in 9th of march I’ll be CJ’ing (cassette jockeying) at L’Entresol pub at Barcelona.The pub is not big but it is cool. I’ll be playing good music mainly from the 80s, but also from the 70s and the 90s: pop-rock, disco, rock, hard rock and a few other styles at night, from 22h to […]

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I was searching for a 1st generation TDK SA and found some at eBay from a trusted seller. I bought one and I was very happy… until it arrived and I opened it. I realized then that it was a fake tape. A rare clone 1st gen TDK SA. Are you curious? Please see this […]

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There is a group of enthusiasts at Tapeheads that enjoy making mixtapes and ship through the world to others members. I enjoyed watching and reading their experiences and could not stop myself joining the group. I wanted to make mixtapes for others too and swap with friends in other countries. Miles quickly replied me and offered to send […]

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Well, finally after many weeks of [sporadic] work I could finish my new Guide to excellent recordings which represents the part II of my previous guide to good recordings. On this new guide I cover many new aspects, getting deeper in the techniques of recording with: quality of the cables Muting sound of all open […]

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I’ve received recently a tape that surprised me too much. Apparently, there’s nothing strange outside: but when I opened the case I found such a rare print inside the j-card: Make no mistakes, this is not a sticker or a crop from a magazine that the previous owner has put inside. It is PRINTED directly in the paper […]

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I have just published a complete guide showing how to properly record music on to a cassette from digital sources (like MP3, Spotify…) with good quality. All presented step-by-step, aimed for newbies that want to learn the entire process starting from zero knowledge.   The complete guide to make good recordings (on cassette) I hope […]

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