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I was searching for a 1st generation TDK SA and found some at eBay from a trusted seller. I bought one and I was very happy… until it arrived and I opened it. I realized then that it was a fake tape. A rare clone 1st gen TDK SA. Are you curious? Please see this […]

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There is a group of enthusiasts at Tapeheads that enjoy making mixtapes and ship through the world to others members. I enjoyed watching and reading their experiences and could not stop myself joining the group. I wanted to make mixtapes for others too and swap with friends in other countries. Miles quickly replied me and offered to send […]

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Well, finally after many weeks of [sporadic] work I could finish my new Guide to excellent recordings which represents the part II of my previous guide to good recordings. On this new guide I cover many new aspects, getting deeper in the techniques of recording with: quality of the cables Muting sound of all open […]

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I’ve received recently a tape that surprised me too much. Apparently, there’s nothing strange outside: but when I opened the case I found such a rare print inside the j-card: Make no mistakes, this is not a sticker or a crop from a magazine that the previous owner has put inside. It is PRINTED directly in the paper […]

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I have just published a complete guide showing how to properly record music on to a cassette from digital sources (like MP3, Spotify…) with good quality. All presented step-by-step, aimed for newbies that want to learn the entire process starting from zero knowledge.   The complete guide to make good recordings (on cassette) I hope […]

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