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In this video I explain nothing in particular, but simply show all my stack at “full power” while I’m dubbing a mixtape. The original tape was recorded in the Technics B965 (an UX-Pro) with dbx, using vinyl as source, as I already explained if earlier posts. Now you can hear it playing and being recorded in […]

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Tonight I’m recording my first mixtape for swapping, which will be 100% analog, from vinyl discs. After carefully preparing the song list and deeply cleaning the discs it’s time for recording. So this is the real joy: listening to good music with the highest quality from vinyl at night… with a cup of good wine (Rene […]

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After some time without publishing anything about walkmans, I’m back with some news: I have recently acquired which is probably the smallest walkman ever made: the SONY WM-R707. This model has the same external size as the mythical WM-701C but with the addition of a recording circuit in the same form factor (which is an […]

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I’m excited to share you a story of passion and bravery. Passion for cassettes, walkmans and music. Bravery for wanting to do something that he never did before: being a DJ but with cassettes and walkmans. That’s what my friend Lorenzo , which is now called ‘TJ Autoreverse’, (TJ as Tape Jockey) did. Considering that […]

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After some request, I decided to make a video showing my entire deck collection. So I put all them together in the same table and connected most of the to the audio chain. From left to right and up to down, here are the decks:     Pioneer CT-F1250 This deck was their top of the […]

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Do you want to digitize your tapes? Have you seen those walkmans with USB output that look so easy to digitize your cassette collection? Well, yes, they are easy to use. But… discover what they didn’t told you in this video about the sound quality of this TAPE2GO. Now here’s the second video of the […]

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Once I received my ‘Super-DC2′ from Dr Walkman recently, I had the idea to start a series of videos showing the real difference between some walkmans and other players, like I did with the turntable versus CD. In this video you can hear the real difference between a CD played in a good Discman versus […]

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Some years ago I knew about a guy that seemed to me that knew very well how to service a walkman. He is known as ‘Dr Walkman‘. It was actually in Stereo2go forum where I met him. I contacted him personally and wanted him to service and upgrade my D6C to make some sort of ‘Super-D6C’. I was […]

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Just for the time when cassettes will become extremely rare and/or expensive, I’ve started searching for brand new ones some years ago. They are increasingly becoming expensive and rare, specially those good ones. It’s not rare to see many at 3-6 euros per unit today. I have quite a big reserve at this moment, and […]

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Moved to the Featured section: Brushed metal walkmans: some of the most rare and stylish

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