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As you may have read here, me and 3 friends took the wheel of Stereo2go forums when in late 2016 Paul, the original owner, decided to shut it down (or let it die if you prefer). I felt I could not leave it dying so I encouraged my friends to do that. In a first stage we […]

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A few months ago Paul, the original owner of Stereo2go decided to close it down. I stepped ahead and decided to get it with the help of three friends. Finally the forums kept alive and we are enjoying it now. But the old platform caused a huge loss of users and we wanted to change. […]

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If you don’t know it, Stereo2go es the world’s biggest forum dedicated to walkmans and boomboxes since many years. That was thank to Paul a boombox and walkman lover that lives in the US and started it in the early 2000. I joined it back in mid 2010 and have learned a lot thanks to […]

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