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On may 22th TASCAM has released the new 202MkVII, a dual deck with simultaneous recording capabilities. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll remember the TASCAM CD-A580 some time ago… that didn’t impressed me much actually. The new deck is a dual deck, but… who does need it these days?. I guess people of small […]

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TASCAM has released a new cassette deck; is that a reason to become happy? Well, let’s see… The new CD-A580 is an hybrid model that combines a CD player, and USB player and a single deck. That sounds great: a new deck released in 2017. It’s been almost 20 years without any release at all! […]

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Some time ago I got a nice TASCAM 414 MkII added to my collection. It’s a very cool cassette-based recording deck with 4 independent channels. It was used by small bands in the early 90s to record their songs without having to spend high money on a studio. Though it hasn’t 8 or 16 tracks as professional […]

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