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I’ve created a new video for my channel. Unfortunately, Youtube has blocked it due to the new 13th EU rule, so I cannot publish it… there. I was encouraged to make this video after seeing videos from @Oswaldo Martinez and others. In this video I show you how I record a vinyl on an excellent tape. It’s […]

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In this video I explain nothing in particular, but simply show all my stack at “full power” while I’m dubbing a mixtape. The original tape was recorded in the Technics B965 (an UX-Pro) with dbx, using vinyl as source, as I already explained if earlier posts. Now you can hear it playing and being recorded in […]

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Tonight I’m recording my first mixtape for swapping, which will be 100% analog, from vinyl discs. After carefully preparing the song list and deeply cleaning the discs it’s time for recording. So this is the real joy: listening to good music with the highest quality from vinyl at night… with a cup of good wine (Rene […]

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Here’s my latest acquisition: a super-beautiful Technics RS-B965 in Champagne color. Its stock performance is nothing special, but what makes this particular one special is that it has been deeply upgraded by ANT Audio. The increase in performance is so high that they state that it can sound better than a Nakamichi Dragon, which is […]

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After some request, I decided to make a video showing my entire deck collection. So I put all them together in the same table and connected most of the to the audio chain. From left to right and up to down, here are the decks:     Pioneer CT-F1250 This deck was their top of the […]

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If you like vinyls I think you’ll like this video. It shows a rare Thriller picture disc on my also rare Technics SL1200 Limited Edition. I hope you enjoy it.    

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The Technics SL1200 is a world-wide standard in turntables. When it appeared in 1972 it was so shocking advanced that made all the competition to look outdated. With its heavy mass (12Kg), a direct-drive  mechanism with very high torque (that makes the platter reach its speed in just 0.7 seconds), a quartz locked phase control […]

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