Infinity Intimate: the world’s first Dolby-equipped walkman

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I’ve added recently a very special unit to my collection: the Infinity Intimate. This walkman is special because of two reasons: the main one is because it was the world’s first walkman that featured Dolby system. The second one is because it was the only one walkman that this very respected high-end speaker brand made in their history. Here it is, and it comes with a nice case:

Infinity Walkman Intimate 01

Infinity Walkman Intimate 05

It has BIG buttons and separate volume levels for each channel (that was a common feature in the early 80′s but very rare to find in a few years after):

Infinity Walkman Intimate 06

Infinity Walkman Intimate 07

It features radio, with an aditional module that has to be inserted like a cassette:

Infinity Walkman Intimate 02


Infinity Walkman Intimate 10

Here you can see the head and the pins for the radio module:

Infinity Walkman Intimate 09


(The dolby button is that on the left side).

Infinity Walkman Intimate 08

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