Dubbing a mixtape (with video)

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In this video I explain nothing in particular, but simply show all my stack at “full power” while I’m dubbing a mixtape.

The original tape was recorded in the Technics B965 (an UX-Pro) with dbx, using vinyl as source, as I already explained if earlier posts. Now you can hear it playing and being recorded in an SA in the SONY K909ES with a small EQ curve for correcting the frequency response curve (so it gets perfectly flat).

I’ve also added my BBE processor and a dbx 3BX-DS impact processor but it’s just for the video, not really for the final recording this time.

You can also see almost all deck’s meters synchronized because I set the dbx 400X signal router so every deck receives the played signal. I put all other decks monitoring source (the played tape) ans all meters can be seen.


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