Making custom cassette labels & J-cards for your cassettes! [UPDATE: New version]

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I have been doing my own J-cards for some years. I started drawing a template in Macromedia Freehand (which although outdated it’s one of the best design software out there). I have done lots of different J-cards for my kids to help them identify their own cassettes, so they can listen to whatever one when they want, without my help:


These are some of the custom J-cards I’ve made to my youngest son (3 yr old now). As you can see, most are from the cartoons he like.

I have my own templates, but I understand that Freehand is not and easy to use software for everybody (it’s a professional grade design software), so I thought it would be nice if I could make one for the worldwide known MS Word, and I finally did. And I’m giving it to you now for free.

And here you can see some custom stickers I've made to my oldest son (8 yr old now). They 

And here you can see some custom stickers I’ve made to my oldest son (8 yr old now). Some have 3-4 years now; some are recent (like the one of Police and Linking Park).

To use it you just need your own MS Word, version 2007 or newer, because it’s not a .doc but a .docx document. It contains a J-card and two different inner stickers with rounded holes or a window.

MS Word with j-card template

It’s very easy to use but you need at least a basic knowledge of Word. You can add your own text and an image.


Read the detailed, step-by-step tutorial

[UPDATE 2018-01-29] There’s a new version of the J-card with more options. See it here.

I’ll be glad if you leave your comments here or in this thread at Stereo2Go.  Any feedback is welcomed.

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