Panasonic RX-DS45: an incredible thrift store finding!

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I have recently found a thrift store just by luck and, god, that was a find! I have never seen such a big 2nd hand store…

They have a section for old HI-FI that is glorious:

Thrift store 01

It is full of interesting devices like these:

Thrift store 02or all these:

Thrift store 04


Thrift store 09

Thrift store 08

Thrift store 05

Thrift store 03

Thrift store 07

And there it was, a Panasonic RX-DS45 for 15 euros!!

Thrift store 06

I picked it without struggling even a bit. For that price it deserves to be at home! Right from the store I took it to Sergi’s service lab, to put new belts and to a thorough clean inside because it was very dirty, both outside and inside. After a high quality job, here it is:

Panasonic RX-DS45 01

Panasonic RX-DS45 02

It has an auto-reverse deck with music scan, counter, a very powerful XBS, and a lot of advanced features, like auto CD to tape recording, where you can even tell him what tape length you are about to use.

Panasonic RX-DS45 03


The head and rollers are in excellent condition and it plays tapes very well.

Panasonic RX-DS45 04


I decided to gift it to my sons (8 and 3 yrs old) and the old one was very impressed and happy. He has spent the whole morning listening to it, putting different tapes, CDs, listening with his headphones… And I’m so happy for them,


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