Cassette bar at Barcelona, could exist a better place for cassette fans?

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I recently discovered by luck searching in Google that there exist a Cassette bar in Barcelona (!) I was so happy to see that such thing exists, and it was very near me. (see map)

I went on friday night to eat and drink something and here’s my experience. The bar it self is beside the famous “Las Ramblas” street. It only opens from 19h to 3 am. The entrance is not lit and it’s difficult to find it unless you specifically are searching to it, but once you find it you truly know that it’s it:

Cassette bar 01

Excuse the low quality of my photos but there were VERY low light and I just used my phone.

It was FULL of people; so was it that I had strong difficulties to even get in and find a place after 10 minutes to sit down and leave my backpack and other bags I took with me from my job. Inside it’s definitely a place to enjoy the furniture:

Cassette bar 02

Here’s the main bar with some boomboxes. One of them features a TV and it was working all the time. Sadly, there’s no analog signal anymore here and there was nothing to watch.

The lamps were definitely cool:

Cassette bar 03

Here’s the menu (in english and spanish):

Cassette bar 06

I find it the coolest menu I’ve ever seen! After carefully reading it I chose the ‘Autoreverse’ sandwich. And here it is:

Cassette bar 07

The ‘Autoreverse’ sandwich, with artisan bread and mushrooms. Super tasty!

After eating the first half, here you can see the fried mushrooms. Gosh, this was one of the most tasty sandwich I've ever eat. Highly recommendable!

After eating the first half, here you can see the fried mushrooms. Gosh, this was one of the most tasty sandwich I’ve ever eat. Highly recommendable!

In the meantime, while I was eating there was a shelf over me with this stuff. There were some boomboxes and a computer. There was so low light and so many people around that I could not find a good place to take the photo. Even less to get the proper lighting to take it:

Cassette bar 04

In the end, after drinking two cups of very tasty ‘Rioja’ spanish wine, two croquettes made of Cecina de Leon and the Autoreverse bocatta, came the bill:

Cassette bar 09

I had the opportunity to talk with Fabio, the owner and main chief who is ‘the guy’, a passionated cassette collector. We talked a few minutes about our passion. I show him my DD9 and the always eye-catching AIWA HS-JX3000 and he was delighted to see them. He was so surprised that both were made from metal.

We crossed our phone numbers so we can talk and share more, and I promised him to go on monday or tuesday, when it’s a much calm place, so we can talk more, being few people there.

So, look for an update soon…

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