New leather case for DD walkmans!

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This is a great day. We, the walkman fan community should be proud that one member of our community, Doublecee, has created a brand new case for DD walkmans with authentic leather. You read well: true leather, not plastic.

New Leather case for DD 06

This is a big moment for the walkman community. Apart from belts, this is the first release of a new product since the 80s. And its quality is even better than back then.

DD walkmans are considered to be the best sounding ones out there. And I agree with that. I’m taking mines outside often to use in the street or while I’m travelling in train. All them came with a ‘leather looking’ case that is fine… but it’s made of plastic. And all them are deteriorated or broken.

New Leather case for DD 05

The case is excellent. You know what? I had a feeling that hadn’t since many years ago: to open a new product from the 80s. I cannot describe it, but it was like going back in time to the 80s and open it. Really.

The quality is excellent, I love it. The smell is so good, and that makes a BIG difference. I’m sure you know that nice smell of good leather, like when you enter a luxury car. That’s it. It looks like a very high quality product.

New Leather case for DD 07

At first glance it looked a bit tight to put the walkman inside, but I guess with use it will fit more easily. The only (relative) drawback I found is that the hole for the charger seems to not fit perfectly, but that seems a simple question of movement of the walkman inside the case rather than a design issue. There is (vertically) more space into this case than in the original one.

New Leather case for DD 08

New Leather case for DD 09

New Leather case for DD 10

Not only Doublecee made the leather case, but also clones of that legendary sticker that came with every SONY product. The stickers are very well done. The font is almost perfect and the color is spot on. In fact, the the contours are better printed on the new one than on the original!

New Its a SONY stickers 02

The original sticker, cloned!

New Its a SONY stickers 03

As you can see, the clone is not just as good, but even better than the original!

More info at Analogue october webpage

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