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I’ve updated my original J-card template to a new version which includes 3 different generations:

  • The original cassette case that was used from the very beginning to late 80s, which measures 13 mm height.
  • The ’round’ case that was introduced in the late 80s, which measures 12 mm height.
  • The Slim case that was introduced by Fuji in the early 90s, which measures 11 mm height

Here you can see the 1st and 2nd versions together:

Three generation of J-cards 02

And here, the round and slim case together:

Three generation of J-cards 03

Remember that you may look at the J-card size, not the box itself.

And here are the three together:

Three generation of J-cards 04


In the new v2 version of the template you’ll find several pages with all three versions. Also, I added a second sheet on the main side of the j-card so you can make foldable pages. If you don’t want to use that additional page, just select and delete it.

Download it from here: (the password is the same as before, S2Gjcard’17)


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