Tapes received from NAC for a review

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I’d like to test some of the new manufactured tapes that are available today for an article. So I contacted the NAC and asked them if they would agree to send me a pair of tapes to test. And they agreed, and I had to pay just the shipment.

So the tapes arrived two weeks later and they look good. Finally they sent me two tapes: the Audio Pro and the 799 Master.

NAC tapes 02

The Audio Pro seems a basic ferric tape. Maybe ‘Pro’ is not something that fits so well with this tape, but I’m still to do a thorough test with it. The 799 seems much more interesting.

NAC tapes 03

As you can see, the 799 Masters is really black, and that’s something that any tape fan will know: the darker the tape, the better it is.

NAC tapes 04


So stay tuned for an in-depth article in the next months…

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