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There are recent news about the NAC C456 Ferromaster that I’ve received a few days ago. What’s the matter with this tape? It’s a surprising story.

As you may have read here, I’ve published an analysis of this recently released tape, but the results were nothing remarcable; in fact, they were pretty mediocre.

I’m pretty confused about all this, because a new report from Scott Stapp (NAC) states that they are working hard to release it. But.. wait, wasn’t it already released? If not, what thay released then?

This is report I’ve received:

Since our last report on March 4, there is some very good news to share with you. 

Our first coating line is complete and running well. We have been successfully making test batches of our new tape.
We will begin installing our second coating line in mid-May. This will double our manufacturing capacity to 8,320,000’ of tape per 8-hour shift.
We have two Dusenberry slitters fully restored and running, converting 6 1/2” wide jumbo rolls of tape to forty pancakes each. In addition, we have recently acquired a high-production slitter formerly used at Sony’s U.S. tape plant. It will be restored next.
National Audio will begin manufacturing C-90 tape in July! More details on this soon.

In the immediate future, our challenge is to overcome a ferric oxide shortage! We have been receiving limited shipments during the past year to enable us to produce test runs of tape. Now, we have placed orders for the rest of 2019.

We have learned that our supplier is rebuilding the equipment at their processing plant. Shipments of ferric oxide for full-scale production are scheduled to begin arriving at NAC in May but, we have been advised that the producer is now back-ordered several weeks. We are attempting to get more
information concerning deliveries.

As a result of this development, we have delayed release of samples and shipments until our oxide supply begins arriving. THIS IS OUR TOP PRIORITY!

We will keep you informed.

In this report there are many strange things that leave me confused:

  • they have successful test batches? Only test batches?
  • Will they install second coating line? Wasn’t all the factory ready to start?
  • Will they start to produce tape in july? So, what was the tape I already tested? A preproduction Ferromaster? A clone? A fake?
  • Are they short on ferric oxide? (this leave me absolutely confused)

Well, not many things to comment apart from my questions above. Until next report…

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