SOLD> SONY TC-K909ES, professionally serviced!


Pletina SONY TC-K909ES 03


This is retro SONY TC-K909ES deck. It pertains to the ES line (Elevated Standard) and is one of the best decks ever made by SONY, at least outside asian markets.

It has the following features:

– 3-head design
– Laser amorphous heads
– Dual capstan, closed loop.
– Quartz locked Direct Drive
– Dolby B, C, S & HX Professional (all selectable by user)
– Bias tune
– Integrated signal generators and calibration mode for easy tape calibration.
– 3- ways calibration: Bias, Level and EQ.
– Direct mode.
– Music search.
– Manual Rec level for each channel
– Auto tape selector
– MPX filter
– Made in Japan

It’s one of the most elegantly designed decks, and a must in every deck collector.




This deck has been professionally serviced recently by a specialized technician in Barcelona. Receipt with details of the service can be sent to the buyer for full info.
The deck is working wonderfully and it sounds really well. Some belts and rollers have bee replaced for new ones. The mechanics has been completely dissasembled, cleaned, relubed, assembled and realigned, as well as IN & OUT levels, Bias, Azimuth, etc… A full service, in short.

The head is in very good condition, although it shows very small dots at their sides, but this doesn’t affect the performance at all.

Cosmetically the unit is in mint condition, with not even a small scratch at all. For details, see the photos.



What you see in the pictures.




5% OFF now: 595€

Bank transfer or PayPal. You can also pay it here if you come to get it.



Cost depends on the country (check price in table below). You can also hand-pick for buyers near Barcelona.


Up to 1Kg
Up to 2Kg
24$ / 18€ 35$ / 26€
35$ / 26€ 54$ / 41€
More than 2 Kg
Base price
Every Kg
33$ / 25€ 4$ / 3€
30$ / 23€ 4.2$ / 3,2€
21$ / 16€ 6.5$ / 4,9€
13$ / 17€ 6.5$ / 4,9€
20$€ / 15€ 6.5$ / 4,9€

Zone 1: Europe, including Greenland.
Zone 2: All other countries.
Zone A – Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
Zone B – Rest of Europe not included in Zone A. Azores, Madeira, Monaco, Isle of Man and Morocco.
Zone C – Africa except Morocco (countries that support this service.)
Zone D – Asia and Pacific (countries that support this service.)
Zone E – America (countries that support this service.)

NOTE: 4$/3€ will be added to the shipping cost, for packing costs.

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