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Housing: Metallic
Color and finish: black, silver, red, green, blue, cyan.
Tape transport: Mechanic
Remote control:
Auto reverse:
Battery: AAx1
Ext. compartment:
Volume limiter:
Blank skip:
Case: Plastic
Price: 19XX: $
2010: $
Availability: Very rare, specially in red color.
Bass boost:
Sound processor:
Noise reduction:
Head: Standard
Freq. response: 40-15.000 Hz


The WM-30 is the successor of the revolutionary WM-10, an incredibly compact walkman, only a bit bigger than a cassette. Those years, as competition was getting harder, SONY had to demonstrate that they could go one step ahead with something revolutionary: the world's smaller walkman.


Walkmans were getting cooler in those years, and everyone had bought one. Also, some sports like footing become popular and a small walkman to wear while doing footing was a sucessful movement.

In that year, AIWA had no such model to compete with this. Their top- models were far more sophisticated (with the extraordinary J08 in top of that) but also bulkier.

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At this moment, my WM-30 still doesn't work, and it's waiting for being repared, so it's impossible to rate it's sound quality.

Overall score
Sound quality* -
Sound w/Dolby -
Build quality

*: Without Dolby and without any ecualization or sound processing.


WM-30 opened

WM-30 closed

Move your mouse over the buttons to see the animation.


Side view: control buttons.

Top view, with Dolby switch.

Back view, with the old style volume control.

The WM-30 with the door opened.

WM-30 silver. Photo: Cris Tyler.

Four members of the WM-30 line of a collector. Photo: Cris Tyler.

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The complete WM-30 line, with all colors.

AMS Automatic Music Search
AVLS Auto Volume Limiter System
DBB Dynamic Bass Boost
DD Disc Drive
DOL Dynamic Optimum Loudness
EX DBB Extended DBB