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To be released soon

(the Walkman Archive channel)

Here you can see walkmans appearing in movies. If you know any film that we don't (regarding to walkmans), please send me a message.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, of course.

of the Galaxy

9 1/2 Weeks

Another 48Hrs.

007 A view to a kill


Pretty Woman

Hot tub time machine


Super 8


The Terminator

Back to the future

Ghostbusters II


Baby driver

Big game

Trick or Treat

American Psyco



Name Description
Pocket calculator show A big site with many information about walkmans and other devices, with forum.
Walkman central A nice site with lots of information about SONY Walkmans
Guide to decks and tape trading A good guide to learn all about tapes.
SONY design history The history of SONY's designs A big site, all about tapes, decks, walkmans and headphones, with forums.
Vintage cassette A comprehensive site with huge information about decks of all brands.
Head-fi A good and big site about headphones,with forums.
Vintage cassettes A comprehensive site with info about so many cassettes of all brands.
SONY sound history An espectacular site with info about many SONY's headphones
The blank tape gallery A site with information about tapes (archive, history and technique).
AudioIdiots A huge site with catalogue scans
Complete SONY Walkman line A site with excellent information about almost every walkman released by SONY.
SONY Links by MucStevve A list of interesting links to walkman and gadgets pages.
Rotovator's page A very interesting page from a collector in Spain who has a huge collection of decks.


Music players A huge collection of walkmans, discmans and other devices from a german collector
Walkman Fun An excellent collection from japan.
Ear Wacks A personal photo gallery of Cris Tyler's huge walkman collection at Flickr.
Sophist1cated Personal photo gallery of his walkman collection ad Flickr.
Picturesofthingsilike Personal photo gallery of his walkman -and other portables- collection ad Flickr.


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AIWA HS-P07 & Delorean
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Download the size you need:
QVGA (1280x1024) WXGA (1280x800) XGA (1024x768)