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Here you can see walkmans appearing in movies. If you know any movie that we don't (regarding to walkmans, boomboxes or decks), please send me a message.

NOTE: Spoilers ahead, of course.


The Terminator (1984)

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Sarah Connor (Linda Hamiton) and her friend Ginger, who is listening to a walkman.
Timing: 0:20:40

Ginger Ventura (Bess Mota) listening to her walkman. A TDK Metal tape records Sarah's voice. This cassette (seems a TDK MA-R, type IV) it's not the same tape that can be seen in the previous frames... (a clear bug). (1:41:43)

Sarah recording his voice through her mic. Final scene: Sarah is recording voice notes on her walkman, a Toshiba (it seems a KT-P22). The tape is a TDK SA (type II). (1:42:30)  


Back to the future (1985)

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Marty MacFly (Michael J. Fox) with his AIWA headphones (min. 11:23) Marty just travelled back in time and left all his stuff in the Delorean. Marty loads a tape labbed as Van Halen in his AIWA. Recently Van Halen confirmed that it was just noise.

Marty, scaring his father George (Crispin Glover) with his AIWA P02 MkII Walkman (min. 1:02:21) Marty, with his anti-nuclear radiation wear and with his walkman (min. 1:02:27)  

¿Want a high-quality replica of Marty McFly's Van Halen tape? You can have one now.


Ghostbusters 2 (1989)

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All ghostbusters end up into the head of the state of Liberty to play a special music to kill the ghosts (min. 1:27:38) They use a SONY WM-B39 (one of my favorite walkmans!) to play it. The SONY WM-B39

The music, played through speaker to all the city.