I’m back!

7 months, 2 weeks ago 0
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Finally after almost 3 years having to store all my collection in boxes and do a big change in my life, I’m back and starting to love all these stuff again bit by bit.

It’s been a SO hard time due to personal reasons that I was depressed and had absolutely no energy to listen to a cassette or a vinyl. Not even to publish or even read anything here. or anywhere else.

But finally this dark time in my life is gone and I’m back with positive energy to continue what I was doing.

I apologize for all of you that wrote me a message or email and never got a reply, I couldn’t do it.

To make things worse when I wanted to publish this post, the blog was stuck and blocked so I couldn’t enter and publish anything, so I had to hire a pro to fix this problem. Finally today, I can enter and publish this.

So, hi to all and let’s enjoy analog music again.

With love from Barcelona,

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