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I’m proud to announce that I’ve just added a new guest article, this time by Marian Mihok: SONY DD Series step-by-step repair guide for dummies It’s a stet-by-step repair guide, aimed to explain how to replace the in-famous broken center gear of most SONY DD models. If your DD does some sort of ‘clack-clack’ while […]

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Well I’m using my new DD case and it’s just very nice and convenient. I attach it to my belt when I go out for a walk, it’s very convenient. Accessing to the front buttons is easy and you can almost recognize them without having to look at. The more I use it, the more I […]

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This is a great day. We, the walkman fan community should be proud that one member of our community, Doublecee, has created a brand new case for DD walkmans with authentic leather. You read well: true leather, not plastic. DD walkmans are considered to be the best sounding ones out there. And I agree with […]

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I want to re-publish some of my best posts in the old Stereo2Go forum that I did since 2010 qhen I first joined the community, and here’s the first one:   Some of the SONY’s most elegant players   This article will be permanently accessible through the new ‘Featured’ menu.

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Some years ago I knew about a guy that seemed to me that knew very well how to service a walkman. He is known as ‘Dr Walkman‘. It was actually in Stereo2go forum where I met him. I contacted him personally and wanted him to service and upgrade my D6C to make some sort of ‘Super-D6C’. I was […]

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I recently got one of this decks and I’m pretty impressed about it’s quality. It surpasses any other gadget I ever seen (probably in my entire life) in terms of build quality. Such attention paid to every detail is far gone these days. The design of the fron panel is simply beautiful, one of the […]

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Moved to the Featured section: The series: The most vibrant red walkmans

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