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I really think that some (many) people get crazy when a brand with an apple releases anything. Whatever they release, being it a stupid invention or glorious gadget, people gets crazy to use it without thinking a bit about it. No matter if it’s a crazy idea or not; the main goal is to use […]

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Then you must think this is fine too…    

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Collecting walkmans is great. I love tapes and walkmans and almost anything related to them. But, aside from collecting them I like to collect also rare accesories, like the dbx portable decoder: Also, apart from ‘standard’ walkmans, I like other type of walkmans, like DCC (Digital Compact Cassette, a very unsucessful standard for digital tapes). […]

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Today, 1st of october, but 30 yrs ago started to arrive the CD player to the stores, and the decline of the walkman era began. An excellent spanish blog has published a small article about that and they published a photo of my collection, where you can see almost every musical portable player in this 30 years. […]

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