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I bought my dbx 224X unit some years ago, to record my own dbx cassettes. A few years later I added my first dbx-equipped deck: the Technics RS-B965. Thanks to John Lydle, the most passionated walkman collector I’ve ever known I knew about the dbx vinyl discs. I was very curious about them and bought my first […]

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I have been at my friend Angel’s music room recently. We have been listening to his brand new setup, which is… unbelievable! He shown me his unbelievable turntable and valve amplifier, and boy… that sounds awesome. It’s a Kronos Sparta, a true ultra high end model that weights 32 Kg and looks truly impressive. I […]

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If you like vinyls I think you’ll like this video. It shows a rare Thriller picture disc on my also rare Technics SL1200 Limited Edition. I hope you enjoy it.    

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As i recently became more interested in vinyl, I was told that the vinyl can sound better than a CD. So I asked myself: can this be really possible? To me a CD was always what offered better sound so… Can a vinyl sound better? It was clear to me that to find the answer […]

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