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I recently started a thread at S2G forums where I search some someone that wants to exchange some rock. I love rock (specially hard and alternative rock) and wanted to swap. After some work, I ended up with a list of songs that I’ve recorded on a 90 min tape. First I recorded them in […]

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I bought my dbx 224X unit some years ago, to record my own dbx cassettes. A few years later I added my first dbx-equipped deck: the Technics RS-B965. Thanks to John Lydle, the most passionated walkman collector I’ve ever known I knew about the dbx vinyl discs. I was very curious about them and bought my first […]

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I recently bought this cassette, and I was shocked by its sound quality. These guys really knew what they were doing! This is, by far, the best sounding release I’ve heard of this famous soundtrack. I didn’t know about MSFL ever but it’s now on my target definitely. I showed it to a friend and […]

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In this video I explain nothing in particular, but simply show all my stack at “full power” while I’m dubbing a mixtape. The original tape was recorded in the Technics B965 (an UX-Pro) with dbx, using vinyl as source, as I already explained if earlier posts. Now you can hear it playing and being recorded in […]

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After some request, I decided to make a video showing my entire deck collection. So I put all them together in the same table and connected most of the to the audio chain. From left to right and up to down, here are the decks:     Pioneer CT-F1250 This deck was their top of the […]

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Collecting walkmans is great. I love tapes and walkmans and almost anything related to them. But, aside from collecting them I like to collect also rare accesories, like the dbx portable decoder: Also, apart from ‘standard’ walkmans, I like other type of walkmans, like DCC (Digital Compact Cassette, a very unsucessful standard for digital tapes). […]

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I finally managed to buy a Marantz PMD430 in the last weeks. It’s in excellent condition, with very few use. The first impression is definitely worse than the SONY D5 Pro II. Specially if you have a mint D5, like me. The SONY looks solid like a rock, and precision is felt in every corner. […]

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