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Well, walkman parties are back! After several years I finally found a pub suitable to perform this again so please put this in your calendar: may 31, 22h at El Coleccionista at Barcelona I’ll be CJ’ing (Cassette Jockeying) with my walkmans all 80s music in full analog glory! As in other times, I’ll be playing […]

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This week I had to visit Madrid for work and met a guy that is also a cassette fan. He took me to the ‘La Cassetteria‘, a very curious cassette label that also has a store where they sell their own releases as well as old cassettes, new launches and even walkmans and decks. He […]

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Finally after almost 3 years having to store all my collection in boxes and do a big change in my life, I’m back and starting to love all these stuff again bit by bit. It’s been a SO hard time due to personal reasons that I was depressed and had absolutely no energy to listen […]

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I have good news: I added a bunch of cool designs to my Spreadshirt store where you can order T-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, mugs, mouse pads, and a lot more! If you like one, you can buy it in my new store at Spreadshirt:

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Hey, it’s been some time since my last publication here. Last months have been hard here… But there’s some good news: I’ve started my Instagram profile and I’m adding new photos almost everyday! Check it out here:

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We have some good news: this friday there’s a new cassette party at Zaragoza, Spain. It will be driven by my good friend TJ Autoreverse, which has one of the world’s biggest walkman collection in the world, with around 1.100 walkmans. He will use his D6C, some DD (DD33, DD30) and some modern SONY from […]

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I’ve just received a new book published by vetroeditions in Germany about cassettes, walkmans and boomboxes, and… it’s very nice! The book explains all about the cassette culture: the cassette itself, it’s history, the walkman, the boombox… Here is a short video I made: I’m so glad that I collaborated with these guys sending them […]

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Yes, they finally did it. I’ve posted here the news that they were working on releasing a brand new tape nowadays. Not just a cassette shell (with the same tape), but a brand new magnetic tape. In fact, they’ve said nothing about the shell. The new tape is called FerroMaster C456 and it’s the result […]

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There’s an audiophile magazine that you may not know, called TONE 2.0. In their previous issue (no. 89) they published an article about walkmans, yes! What’s best is that it’s downloadable for free!  

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On may 22th TASCAM has released the new 202MkVII, a dual deck with simultaneous recording capabilities. If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll remember the TASCAM CD-A580 some time ago… that didn’t impressed me much actually. The new deck is a dual deck, but… who does need it these days?. I guess people of small […]

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