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I’ve recently read what looks like a very good news: a brand new cassettes are being manufactured in the Nederlands. People at De Bandjesfabriek (Netherlands) are working with people at Recording the masters (France) to create not just newly manufactured cassettes (which is something other brands are also doing), but to release a new cassette with new magnetic tape. Yes, there are […]

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Getting good information about recording techniques on magnetic tape is difficult. All that comes from an era where Internet didn’t exist and sharing information  wasn’t as easy as nowadays. So finding a though book that explains in detail many good techniques is indeed an excellent find. This book talks about good recording techniques, as well […]

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Thanks to my friends at WERNER Music, the most exclusive hi-end store at Barcelona, I discovered that there exist a high quality reel tape of the most famous soundtracks from John Williams, and I was completely blowed-out! These reels were encoded with Dolby B. They were kind enough to put this reel on their TEAC […]

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I have recently acquired an impressive Pioneer RT-909 reel to reel. As it’s a 30 year-old machine, it needed a complete check and servicing as you may guess. Here’s how it arrived. Not full of dust, but definitely dirty: The rollers were also disintegrated: And this is how the heads looked like. Full of dust […]

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I never had seen a reel to reel machine until a few years ago. I mean, in person. I have only seen them in some books and in a few movies. My interest on them has growed in the latest years, after I discovered the incredible quality of the high-end analog audio. Many people talk […]

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