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I’ve just seen this online template and could’n wait to share with all of you. It’s an awesome job by Blaines Murphy The template works into the browser so there’s no need to have Microsoft Word or anything like that. You just have to fill up the text you want, upload the image and you’re […]

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I’ve updated my original J-card template to a new version which includes 3 different generations: The original cassette case that was used from the very beginning to late 80s, which measures 13 mm height. The ’round’ case that was introduced in the late 80s, which measures 12 mm height. The Slim case that was introduced […]

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I’ve just  found a nice page that shows a wonderful book made only with music covers from custom made J-cards, mixtapes and CDs. Actually is made here in Catalonia where I live, which made me double happy. I love to watch such tape art, really. I’d spend countless hours looking to every one of these […]

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I have been doing my own J-cards for some years. I started drawing a template in Macromedia Freehand (which although outdated it’s one of the best design software out there). I have done lots of different J-cards for my kids to help them identify their own cassettes, so they can listen to whatever one when […]

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I’ve received recently a tape that surprised me too much. Apparently, there’s nothing strange outside: but when I opened the case I found such a rare print inside the j-card: Make no mistakes, this is not a sticker or a crop from a magazine that the previous owner has put inside. It is PRINTED directly in the paper […]

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