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This weekend I’ve been invited to join an extraordinary event here in Catalonia (Lleida, actually). The meeting was started by Sisco (aka Stersa at Auriculares-hifi.com forums) and the place was the Llotja at Lleida, which is an impressive building: The meeting consist in just sharing our equipment and experiences and enjoy as much as you can. […]

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In my never ending search for the perfect headphone, I bought a 2nd-hand ultra high-end Sennheiser HD800, their flagship model. It’s not only gorgeous to watch but also sounds incredibly well. This headphone represents the top-of-the-top in the circumaural (I mean: full size headphone) category. When I first heard this headphone I noticed how detailed and open it sound […]

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Hello and welcome to another of my reviews! This should be an interesting read for most of you here I think. Not just because it is about analog but also because for the first time I can honestly say portable audio is more than just comparable to what we’re usually accustomed to hear from full-size […]

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