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  I just want to spread the word about some excellent headphone amplifiers, DACs and other nice gear that one guy is building by himself at Portugal. He is called Miguel but he is known as MFSP Designs, a one-man company that makes handcrafted gear with extraordinary quality. I have not had the chance to test anything […]

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This weekend I’ve been invited to join an extraordinary event here in Catalonia (Lleida, actually). The meeting was started by Sisco (aka Stersa at forums) and the place was the Llotja at Lleida, which is an impressive building: The meeting consist in just sharing our equipment and experiences and enjoy as much as you can. […]

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A few months ago, I read about the launch of a new headphones from Focal, a French brand that carries many years manufacturing speakers, but with zero experience in headphones. At first glance they did not seem something relevant to me, except because of who wrote about them was Tyll Hertsens, main author of Innerfidelity, whom […]

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In my never ending search for the perfect headphone, I bought a 2nd-hand ultra high-end Sennheiser HD800, their flagship model. It’s not only gorgeous to watch but also sounds incredibly well. This headphone represents the top-of-the-top in the circumaural (I mean: full size headphone) category. When I first heard this headphone I noticed how detailed and open it sound […]

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I really think that some (many) people get crazy when a brand with an apple releases anything. Whatever they release, being it a stupid invention or glorious gadget, people gets crazy to use it without thinking a bit about it. No matter if it’s a crazy idea or not; the main goal is to use […]

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Then you must think this is fine too…    

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We love walkmans, and headphones are an important factor for truly enjoying them. Choosing the right headphones can be a difference like night and day. Your walkman can be excellent as a source but a wrong headphone can make you hear not-so-good (or actually bad) sound. So, which ones are better? Don’t miss my latest […]

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It’s so curious how they have changed 😉 Seen here:

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I’ve just seen this interesting infography at blogcasque, where they explain visually a brief history of headphones. Very interesting!  

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