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Techmoan has just published a new in-depth review of the Aurex TY-AK1, and it’s quite interesting because it sheds llight over the big question: Will this new cassette decks improve anything over the old decks? Well, better watch it and you’ll see:     I saw this video since a week because I have collaborated […]

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Toshiba has just announced that it is launching a new radio cassette that promises high res sound, the Aurex TY-AK 1 and plays it, radio, cassette and also from USB and SD card. Aurex is the hi-fi brand that Toshiba has been using for many years, similar to Panasonic with Technics. The player contains a […]

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I have recently met Marty McFly and asked him to go back to the past and take me something special with his time machine. And today arrived! It’s a Toshiba Bombeat X-01, directly from the 80’s in a time-capsule! It’s a brand new, never used and opened for the first time now. I’m not sure […]

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After my first post about those beautiful red players, I’d like to add some more that I’ve been collecting in the meaning time. First one is this Toshiba RT-V600, which was one of the very few ‘sports’ model (meaning: splash and shock resistant) available from other brands (not SONY): They also have another cool red […]

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