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I’ve recently had some problems trying to adjust the azimuth of a walkman. The screw shows serious wear and I could not turn it, no matter which screwdriver I use, so I started to ask myself if I have the proper screwdriver. We all know that there are slot and cross screwdriver, but do you know which […]

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  I just want to spread the word about some excellent headphone amplifiers, DACs and other nice gear that one guy is building by himself at Portugal. He is called Miguel but he is known as MFSP Designs, a one-man company that makes handcrafted gear with extraordinary quality. I have not had the chance to test anything […]

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Recently I have been given (yes, for free!) this wonderful device. I have never had a preamp and I confess I didn’t even knew what they were for. Once I knew they are aimed to ‘correct’ any non-linearity of your turntable setup or deck, to send the signal ‘corrected’ to an amplifier or to another […]

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After some request, I decided to make a video showing my entire deck collection. So I put all them together in the same table and connected most of the to the audio chain. From left to right and up to down, here are the decks:     Pioneer CT-F1250 This deck was their top of the […]

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Thanks to my friends at WERNER Music, the most exclusive hi-end store at Barcelona, I discovered that there exist a high quality reel tape of the most famous soundtracks from John Williams, and I was completely blowed-out! These reels were encoded with Dolby B. They were kind enough to put this reel on their TEAC […]

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Some years ago I knew about a guy that seemed to me that knew very well how to service a walkman. He is known as ‘Dr Walkman‘. It was actually in Stereo2go forum where I met him. I contacted him personally and wanted him to service and upgrade my D6C to make some sort of ‘Super-D6C’. I was […]

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We love walkmans, and headphones are an important factor for truly enjoying them. Choosing the right headphones can be a difference like night and day. Your walkman can be excellent as a source but a wrong headphone can make you hear not-so-good (or actually bad) sound. So, which ones are better? Don’t miss my latest […]

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Since I was a teen I loved small HI-Fis. As many other teens, money didn’t let me go as far as to have a boombox (an excellent one, though). But I kept dreaming… There are lots of choices if you search for a standard factor equipment, but very very few if you look for mini-sized […]

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