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Well, walkman parties are back! After several years I finally found a pub suitable to perform this again so please put this in your calendar: may 31, 22h at El Coleccionista at Barcelona I’ll be CJ’ing (Cassette Jockeying) with my walkmans all 80s music in full analog glory! As in other times, I’ll be playing […]

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[post in spanish about an interview that a radio station has done to me in spanish] Hoy me ha hecho mucha ilusión que me entrevisten en la radio RAC1, concretamente en la más popular por estas tierras (Catalunya) y concretamente en el programa de más éxito, el de Toni Clapès, ‘Versió RAC1’. Emma Aixalà, la […]

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Yes, this friday 27th I’ll be CJ’ing again at Cara B pub in Barcelona with cassettes and walkmans. Yes, you read well: with cassettes and walkmans! If you like analog music as well as 70s and 80s pop, rock and pop/rock music, then you just got a plan for this friday! See you there!

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This saturday I’ve been at Cassette Culture, the very first market for small releases in cassette. See my first post about that. I’ve been CJ’ing for an hour and a half and it was a lot of fun, though it was more like ambient music rather than loud music for dancing. These small labels were selling mostly […]

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Yes friends, I’ll be CJ’ing in the next months again here at Barcelona. If you are going to stay somewhere near, plese put a mark in your calendar 😉 June 23th. I’ll be CJ’ing with cassettes and walkmans at El col·leccionista, Barcelona. View in Maps. CANCELLED! June 30th, at sala Apolo, Barcelona, into the Cassette Culture […]

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Past saturday I went to Cara B Barcelona (view in Maps) to relive the cassette sound. I’ve put my cup and became CJ Walkman Archive for one night, and played with cassettes and walkmans! The pub was bigger than the previous one I’ve went to and the sound was also much better. Because of monday being holidays, there came […]

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Once more, Barcelona is doing something different and innovative, and this time it will be a prerecorded cassette market. It will be in the famous Sala Apolo, just one evening. There will be many small cassette labels that will sell and share their new releases. There also will be new and small artists that are […]

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Yes, dear friends, in 9th of march I’ll be CJ’ing (cassette jockeying) at L’Entresol pub at Barcelona.The pub is not big but it is cool. I’ll be playing good music mainly from the 80s, but also from the 70s and the 90s: pop-rock, disco, rock, hard rock and a few other styles at night, from 22h to […]

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I recently discovered by luck searching in Google that there exist a Cassette bar in Barcelona (!) I was so happy to see that such thing exists, and it was very near me. (see map) I went on friday night to eat and drink something and here’s my experience. The bar it self is beside the […]

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