Visiting ‘La Cassetteria’ in Madrid

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This week I had to visit Madrid for work and met a guy that is also a cassette fan. He took me to the ‘La Cassetteria‘, a very curious cassette label that also has a store where they sell their own releases as well as old cassettes, new launches and even walkmans and decks.

He has many walkmans and stuff displayed there, very interesting:

Just after entering, you’ll find a wall full of walkmans:

There are several stands with both old and new cassettes:

You can also see a closet with some mini HIFIs and boomboxes:

But the main presence are the big cassette duplicators (specifically Tapematic 2002):

These machines are totally restored and working. Don’t forget that these guys make new releases.

And finally you’ll find this:

On which you’ll see new old stock cassettes:

And the usual modern rubbish:

I mean those colored fashion cassettes, you know. I don’t know how good those ‘High Quality’ 40, 60 and 90min really are. I guess they are RTM.

I got this soundtrack for me that is a movie I actually hadn’t see but in Spanish it was translated to ‘El chip prodigioso’. To my surprise, this cassette sounds really well:

And I was listening to it in my Super-DD9 by Dr Walkman while I was travelling back to Barcelona in the high speed train:

You can find them on Instagram and if you go to Madrid you can visit them here

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