Walkman Series

I thought it would be nice to share some of my series. Walkmans that are the same model but different colour

The AIWA HS-P08 & G08 in Red. This player was the most advanced walkman player back in 1895, with a big pack of features. The G08 is one of my favorites:

AIWA Walkman HS-G08 & P08 Red

And here the silver brothers:

AIWA Walkman HS-G08 & P08 Silver

The AIWA P02, if I’m not wrong, it’s the first autoreverse from AIWA. Interesting that it has a noise reduction filter but not Dolby, something pretty rare (I bet it’s the HighCom).

AIWA Walkman HS-P02 Series 01

The AIWA J700. This walkman has a hybrid transport, with the play mechanical, but the reverse and FF/REW, logical. It’s very curious. The white one is really beautiful and extremely rare:

AIWA Walkman HS-J700 Series 01

The AIWA P08 Series. Pretty difficult to complete this series. Now I also have the pink and black ones, but still didn’t update the photo:

AIWA Walkman HS-P8 Series 03

Four different SONY WM-10:

SONY Walkman WM-10 Series 01

The world’s two first walkmans with bass amplification: (more info in my article about the Boodo Khan here)

Panasonic Walkman RX-SA80 07

My three favorite DD by design: (left to right) the WM-DC2, DD100 (aka Boodo Khan) and DD33. All three shares the same base design:

SONY Walkman Boodo Khan & DC2 02

Three top recorders from different years: the SONY D5 ProII, WM-D6C (sucessor), and the WM-R202, the smallest walkman recorder in 1986:

SONY Walkman Recorder Series 05

The WM-7, first walkman with autoreverse, logic control and remote:

SONY Walkman WM-7 Series 01

The TCM-600 (pre-TPS-L2), the original, very first generation TPS-L2 and the common, latest one:

SONY Walkman TPS-L2 TCM-600 Series 01

The ‘curious’ WM-503 in dark grey (rugous finish) and WM-504 with transparent door (pretty cool with a beautiful tape).

SONY Walkman WM-504 Series 01-1

The WM-600, a very beautiful design:

SONY Walkman WM-600 Series 01

The famous WM-701C, a walkman that marked a beginning of a new era (please check my extense article about this model in my website):

SONY Walkman WM-701C Series 01

My loved WM-B39, a walkman from my teenage. Not a top-class model (one of the best mid-class in those years) but well featured yet:

SONY Walkman WM-B39 Series 04

My two first WM-DD, silver and red:

SONY Walkman WM-DD Series 01

The WM-555, also one that I’ve had when I was teen (I bought one silver second hand back in 1996):

SONY Walkman WM-EX55 Series 01

The famous WM-2, DD predecessor. Almost the same external design, but yet belt driven:

SONY Walkman WM-II Series 01

And the two real golden most advanced walkmans from different brands, Panasonic and AIWA:

Walkmans Gold Series 01

Look forward to see your series! Please leave your comments / photos in the forums.

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