First attempts in retrobrighting (spoiler: sucess!)

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As you may know, dear reader, some of our beloved grey or white gadgets show yellow fading over the years. White and light grey plastics turn brown-yellow with time. This is most seen in 80s computers.

Ok, so I learnt how to apply a technique called retrobrighting to this plastics thanks to this video by The 8-bit guy and decided to try:

After trying with some of my beloved walkmans, I tried with this. As you can see, it fade intro a very ugly brown-yellow (call it how you wish). I applied this treatment to the upper part, and here’s the result:

Retrobrighting 05

I was very surprised with the result. So I moved one and tried with my smaller kid’s walkman, a very simple Panasonic:

Panasonic walkman yellowed

What you need is hydrogen peroxide cream like this. I bought it in a hair product store. Looks that it’s used for colorize the hair:

Retrobrighting 04

You have to cover it with cream, with your hands. Then cover it with a thin plastic film and let it under direct sunlight for some hours. For this I dissasembled it, removed the mechanics and electronics:

Retrobrighting 03

Finally, remove the plastic film and clean with water. After assembling, this is the result:

Retrobrighting 01

Retrobrighting 02

So, yeah it works!!

Next step…

Retrobrighting 06

More news soon…

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